Scarab to Perform at Bloodstock Open Air

Scarab Bloodstock Open Air is one of the United Kingdom’s premier metal festivals, bringing together over one hundred bands from across the globe for four days of extreme metal chaos! This year boasts a lineup featuring the likes of Slayer, King Diamond, Lamb of God and more importantly, Egypt’s most famous death metal band, Scarab!

Since their inception back in 2006, Scarab have had the attention of international audiences with their ferocious and distinctly Egyptian-tinged sound. Heavy, brutal and loaded with groove the band is clearly top class and worked hard to get the exposure they have. Scarab is currently signed to Osmose Productions in France and even though it was announced back in 2011, rumour has it that their latest release, Serpents of the Nile will finally see the light of day in 2013.

It seems that the world has no other option than to take notice of African metal, with South Africa’s own Infanteria being given the chance to spread their wings on the stage at Wacken Open Air 2013 and Boargazm playing at Ecuador’s Quitofest later this week. Whether this means we will see more international bands on our shores or more African bands will get the opportunity to play for the rest of the world, we can’t say for sure, but the future is looking bright thanks to the efforts of

We here at M4A wish Scarab all the best at Bloodstock 2013!

Watch Scarab performing “Blinding the Masses” at With Full Force 2009 in Germany!