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Scarlet Host 2018 Black Days

Cape Town, South Africa: a piece of Cape Town metal history resurfaces today as Scarlet Host releases a brand new album, Black Days. The band, in fact, predates the existence of metal4africa; although not our memories. Scarlet Host formed in 2001 and released it’s debut EP Affliction the following year. It then moved on to perform at a variety of major rock and metal events, including the first ever RAMfest festival. Brothers Kevin (guitar) and Dino (drums) relocated to the UK in 2006, thus the band’s story halting in that year. Lindsey Roussouw (vocals) went on to join the much beloved Moment Of Clarity.

Black Days: wrapping up unfinished business, or opening a new chapter?

Black Days consists of songs written and performed more than ten years ago. Yet the founding members still find deep enough reservoirs of passion and creative resource to finally close an old chapter… and open up a new one. Early in 2017, three of the founding members began discussing the reformation and recording for Black Days started in May.

“We’re really happy that we managed to complete this album and that it’s out. Now we can move forward with new music and some gigs. That said, with both Kevin and Dino based in the UK, we would need to plan carefully in order to maximize shows abroad and possibly even locally in SA. Either way we’re keen to play these songs live.” ~ Lindsey Roussouw (vocals, Scarlet Host)

1 Week to go before the release of our full length album, Black Days! (27th January for those who don't know) We thought we would release another song in the form of a nostalgia based video. We hope you enjoy it and remember, Sharing is Caring! m/ This one is called DAMN YOU!

Posted by Scarlet Host on Sunday, January 21, 2018

With so many years passed the band has not only developed in life experience, but also wisdom in bearing witness to the world and the shifts that it goes through. Black Days reflects on these things as so many story-tellers refer to a time period as being dark and tumultuous; and how the protagonist sees a journey through to completion, and in that, outlines hope.

“In terms of the overarching theme of the album, it ponders on the fact that we really are living in odd times. A world political fueled – on a global scale- with greed, power, money, wars, destruction and, the list goes on. And while all of these sociopolitical / economical inequalities continue, it’s fair to state that most of us continue to carry on with our lives; consumed in our own black days and vices that may have tendencies to impede our personal growth, happiness, and quest to become better people.” ~ Lindsey Roussouw

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Black Days: credits and availability

Black Days was recorded at Scarlet Quinta Studios, then mixed and mastered by Chris Clancy at Audioworksproductions in the UK. The album artwork was done in South Africa by Artur Pereria of Fable Design. The album is available digitally via all major platforms, as well as physically directly from the band. Whilst it took a long enough pause to convince us of otherwise until today, the story of Scarlet Host is far from finished.

“As long as we continue to hope and keep trying there will always be that golden place for each and every one of us. Everything in its own time.” ~ Lindsey Roussouw

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