Scathanna Wept: Behold The Night Sky

Scathanna Wept 2018 Behold The Night Sky

Durban, South Africa: a very productive project steeped in Black Metal and Atmospheric sensibilities these last two years is Scathanna Wept. Whilst we spoke about this band for the first time only with its fourth release (and first for 2018), it has output considerable material in 2017 when it first appeared. Today, Scathanna Wept is back with yet another album, Behold The Night Sky, plus talk of evolving out of the ‘studio’ towards the stage.

Behold The Night Sky

With Archaic Tempest arrived in April 2018, Scathanna Wept wasted precious little time getting started on another offering. Behold The Night Sky took just shy of seven months to complete, with a title suggesting the overall theme as being on a grand scale:

“This album is focusing on the beauty and chaos of the universe. The uncertainty of what is to come, and what may be.” ~ Daniel Botha (composer/instrumentalist/vocalist, Scathanna Wept)

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Creative shift

Daniel also tells us about changes taking place within the project, creatively; with the end-goal of each track rooting itself in atmospheric black metal. However, various influences take a hold and shape the tracks into what they are. Daniel feels as though they’re missing that mark, but landing somewhere else that is equally worthwhile.

“There was a big shift in creativity with Shawn joining the project from a lead guitarist perspective, and introducing more of a thrash background about midway through the album. We’ve leaned more towards guitar work and less on symphonic elements. This is very apparent on ‘Infinity Turns Silent’, which is the first track.” ~ Daniel Botha

Notwithstanding, Daniel admits to Scathanna Wept growing more challenging to place into such a specific musical category. This does not detract from his desire to see the next natural evolution for the project – to develop into a performing band:

“We are on the look out for any additional band members in the Durban area with the hopes of possibly playing live at some point.” ~ Daniel Botha

To this end, Scathanna Wept has finally conceded to creating a facebook page for fans, enthusiasts, or potential band mates to be more easily in touch.

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