Seasons in the Liquid Abyss

Go out on almost any night in Cape Town and you’re sure to find live bands playing somewhere. And if it’s not indie rock, then it’s probably metal! Live gigs have become something of a convenience for many metalheads, where the lure of seeing their favourite locals bands on stage is completely shattered by the sheer saturation of events. There’s always the comfort that the same band will probably be playing the same venue next month and so (in my personal experience) support for live events has begun to wane.

We agree that the scene needs a shot in the arm in between Metal4Africa events to keep it kicking and this Saturday, Liquid Abyss promises just that! On the outskirts of Cape Town a venue as yet untouched by metal exists, Club Liquid, and Wildernessking front man Keenan Oakes has put together a stellar lineup to baptise its walls with the sound of metal.
“I did a genre cross-over show at The Assembly in November last year.” Keenan says, “I wanted to do the same thing with the sub-genres of the local metal scene. Basically another cross-over show whilst staying in the realm of heavy music.” Liquid Abyss features seven of (In Keenan’s own words) Cape Town’s strongest metal bands and promises enough variety for all tastes.

Opening the event is the death-thrash contingent of The Warinsane followed by thrash metallers, Infanteria. Metalcore comes courtesy of Zombies Ate My Girlfriend with Wildernessking adding their signature atmospherics to the mix. No high-profile event would be complete without the power metal bombast of Strident who are billed to headline the event, with Marching Dead and Beeldenstorm closing off the gig!

Anyone with concerns about a non-metal venue hosting metal bands can put those aside, as Keenan assures “Liquid will certainly have a different atmosphere on the night. The venue will be out of the ordinary as it is.”
As for what metal fans can expect on the night, “I have some ideas. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Whether Liquid Abyss is a once-off event or will become a more regular fixture in the gigging calendar is unknown at the moment, but the bottom line is that you will certainly be missing out if you are not there!

Tickets are available for pre-order at R30 and then from R40 before 9pm and R50 afterwards. Great value for a killer event!

Check out the Liquid Abyss Facebook event for more information.