Third Battalion, move in for the kill…

invasion-iiiIt is very pleasing to announce that phase one and phase two in the Winter Invasion Campaign were both a success.  Within five short hours, our ranks had brought the town of Stellenbosch to it’s knees, begging for a reprieve.  Metal stood triumphant!  Well done to Original Sin, Revenge By Dawn, Strident and A Walk with The Wicked for the delivery of an excellent blow against main-stream garble.  At Corner Bar we commemorated the 65th anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 1944) with Lines of Separation, Fearstrike, Azrail and Moment of Clarity.  Amidst war-paint, steel helmets and other war-inspired garments, victory was again within hand.

Third Battalion, move in for the kill… ROAR and MORDOR at 299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory.

This is the final strike of the Winter Invasion’09 Series… right at the heart of the beast!  Come once more to a killer night of mayhem and debauchery as Stellitius, Reverse The Sands, Mind Assault and Dark Heritage form the frontline of this final attack.  Oh, and don’t forget your warpaint and army boots, etc.  We know that every metalhead has something special tucked away in their “War”drobe.

R20 gets you into ROAR, but also allows you into MORDOR for even more METAL

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See you in the Frontlines.