Seeds of Cain Take You to the Devil’s Den


Port Elizabeth’s metal scene has been incredibly quiet since I last experienced it in 2011 and while there have been rumblings here and there nothing of substance seemed to rear it’s head. Then out of nowhere, this promo track from Seeds of Cain lands in my mailbox. I double-clicked “open” on the mp3 file sent through and promptly was bludgeoned by a mechanized onslaught of chug riffing that would make Fear Factory jealous! And for the next three minutes, it didn’t let up. It felt like I was being dragged to the hell, or in the case of this particular song, the “Devil’s Den”.

Taking cues from chuggy, modern metal bands like Winds of Plague and Emmure, Seeds of Cain‘s instrumentation is rhythmic and designed to be blasted at full volume, inciting a mosh frenzy! The vocals even follow the same staccato stops and starts with every line of lyrics feeling like it should end with the exclamation point of a kick drum. There are the inevitable breakdowns which might not be to everyone’s taste, but the aggression and power behind the music makes it feel almost appropriate. The release of “Devil’s Den” marks the band entering the studio to record a full-length, and if this track is any indication of what is to come, colour me all shades of interested.

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