Set For The Sky: Alibi, first single since 2015

Cape Town, South Africa: typically considered more pop/punk/rock in Metal circles, Set For The Sky has been skirting on the periphery of our attention since releasing the single ‘Live Like You’re on Fire’ – which featured metal vocalist Luke Edwards – in 2015. The band’s latest offering, ‘Alibi’, released today, suggests a more committed shift in musical direction; erring towards the heavier side of its already established spectrum exhibited in the aforementioned single.

Alibi: the first signs of new work to come?

It’s been a long wait since Set For The Sky put out any material with its 2015 debut album, The Machine. In the interim, Set For The Sky has busied itself with live performances; including local support for a number of international tours, such as Our Last Night (USA), Secrets (USA), Eskimo Callboy (Germany) and numerous local tours.

Is ‘Alibi’ the sign of a new album soon to be revealed? They’re not telling too much. But we did pursue some commentary on the musical direction:

“As far as the new Set For The Sky style goes, it’s safe to say that we have been focusing on maturing the musical style over the past months and it’s definitely here to stay. While all new material may not specifically have a dark theme to it, we have tried our best to pull what we loved about Set For The Sky and introduced it to new elements as our music tastes expanded.” ~ Alex von Gossler (drums, Set For The Sky)

Catch Set For The Sky live supporting Our Last Night on it’s second South African tour in Cape Town, 17 November. Full show details are available on the official facebook event page.

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Set For The Sky 2018, Alibi