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Cape Town, South Africa: brought to you by To The Stage/The Metalist, local alternative/rock band Set For The Sky are soon to embark on their Broadcast The Outcast Tour, which includes dates in Cape Town, Jeffreys Bay, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg. The band was also recently announced to be supporting Germany’s Eskimo Callboy when they arrive in Cape Town later this year, hosted by Witchdoctor Productions who have also been known for touring extreme heavy metal bands such as Kataklysm, Behemoth and more to South Africa. Our interest was further aroused by the number of metal bands included at various dates on the tour and we sought out Set For The Sky for some commentary on what appears to us as a growing cross-over appeal between their known bouncier pop-rock style and heavier music.

“We definitely have a versatile sound which I agree makes us attractive to various genre markets, but it just turned out that way. We didn’t sit down and decide: “we have to be like ‘this’ and ‘this’ because we want to attract certain people. We simply developed into a sound that drew from our love for metal, rock, punk and beyond. We often find ourselves in a limbo where we are almost too heavy to play the “mainstream” shows or too girly to play the metal shows, so we adapt the live performance appropriately. For example, I’d do less screaming vocals at the Whale Festival than I would when opening for Facing The Gallows! Mostly people enjoy our music and energetic performance live, but we will never impress the purists around and that’s fine by us. We’re just here to have fun.” ~ James Roberts (vocals, Set For The Sky)

The band has already engaged some interesting crossover projects besides with whom they sometimes play live. In 2015, Set For The Sky released a video for their song ‘Live Like You’re On Fire’ which further captured the imagination of metallers owing to Atlantic South front man Luke Edwards featuring as guest vocalist.

Whilst, as James confessed in his statement, the likes of Set For The Sky will not likely attract any adoration from the more traditional metalheads, there is still the “evolutionary” point to factor in. There is a younger generation of enthusiasts for heavier music rising in South Africa, and as with any rising generation, it is influenced by new ideas and indeed passes on it’s own influences onto anything that closely surrounds it. This is already visible in our local scene with bands such as Johannesburg’s Bombs And Issues or Port Elizabeth’s All We’ve Known where elements such as clean vocals and synth/electronic instruments play key roles. This is further evidenced now as leading promoters pay heed to these interests such as with Witchdoctor Productions bringing out Eskimo Callboy in October.

“We are quivering in our skinny little jeans with excitement! Eskimo Callboy have probably been our biggest inspiration in the past year or so and had a big influence on our music and creative direction. If there is one band in the world we would want to play with it is them. We are well and truly thrilled.” ~ James Roberts

With the context outlined in our chat with James, the aptly titled Broadcast The Outcast Tour will see Set For The Sky accompanied by fellow Cape Town based band Ohgod accompany them on some dates of the tour, plus more localized line-ups consisting of the likes of Facing The Fallows, Red Helen, Bombs And Issues, All We’ve Known and more.

Tour Dates:

29 April – Mercury Live, Cape Town
06 May – Rumours Lounge, Johannesburg (Roodepoort)
07 May – Sundowners, Johannesburg (Alberton)
13 May – @Work, Jeffrey’s Bay
14 May – Pool City, Port Elizabeth

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