Set For The Sky exploring the Atlantic South

Set For The Sky feat. Luke Edwards

Active on the gigging circuit since 2013, Stellenbosch-based Set For The Sky do not proclaim themselves to be a metal band, but choose rather to be dubbed as ‘modern alternative rock’. With their bouncy and upbeat anthemic writing style and Brian Molko-esque vocals, this seems a fair declaration; but what caught our attention from their latest video ‘Live Like You’re On Fire’, however, was a robust scent of In Flames and more than just a slight influence of today’s youthful generation of headbangers. Of course, to cap it off, the track also features Luke Edwards, frontman for Cape Town metalcore outfit Atlantic South.

“All the band members listen to music that is heavier than what we play, so heavy vocals are not odd to us.” ~ Jeandre Viljoen (bass guitar/producer, Set For The Sky)

Jeandre describes how having a band full of individual members, where each has their own set of inspirations and ideas, can be a tricky business to keep everybody happy at all times. As a result, the the band have worked to combine elements of all the styles into their forthcoming album titled The Machine.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re into heavier music or even pop music, really. There’s something on there for everybody.” ~ Jeandre Viljoen

For the song ‘Live Like You’re On Fire’, which features Luke Edwards, Jeandre told us about how during writing, it was felt that heavier/screaming vocals would really bring benefit to the song which was shaping up. We asked him if ‘heavier’ would be a trend that he thought the band was likely to move more towards in the future.

“It’s quite difficult to answer this, seeing as you never know what might happen or what direction you might find yourself heading in. But one thing for is for sure; looking back on where we started off, all the music is way heavier than it was.” ~ Jeandre Viljoen

Luke himself was quite open to doing a collaboration with Set For The Sky.

“These days I’m keen for pretty much anything involving collaborations.” ~ Luke Edwards (vocals, Atlantic South)

Luke explains that he and Jeandre met whilst both bands performed a show a while back in Stellenbosch, and the two struck up a lasting friendship involving the discussion of music and production. Considering the general sound of Atlantic South as we know it from the live shows (Atlantic South also performed at M4A‘s SummerFest’15) and a previous release (see article here), we were wondering if such collaborations didn’t somehow influence either artist’s thinking or approach in it’s own way.

“Well, I can’t really speak for Set For The Sky, but I know for Atlantic South we are always willing to try new things. You might just hear some clean vocals in the near future.” ~ Luke Edwards

And as to whether or not Set For The Sky would likely progress deeper into the realms of heavy metal or not, is anybody’s guess; but they appear to have a very open-minded approach to creativity and musical expression which they are willing to follow in any direction. Of course, this may not be further towards metal at all, but we look forward to finding out in time.

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Photograph courtesy of Brett Rayner Photography
Video filmed and directed by Brett Rayner