ShangriLah: ‘Embrace The Tide’ out now

ShangriLah 2017 Embrace The Tide

Cape Town, South Africa: studio band ShangriLah delighted us with a preview in April, and the promised debut EP has finally arrived. Embrace The Tide consists of four songs which clock just shy of 20 minutes of Jazz-infused Melodic Metal. The one-man instrumentalist project also includes guest vocals from another established Cape Town vocalist. Victor van den Heever from Thread of Omen contributed in voice and creative experience to bring about Embrace The Tide.

“Thank you to Victor van den Heever for all his effort. I had a base idea for lyrics, but after he joined, he wrote so many additional lyrics, and composed the lyrics to the music.” ~ Gerhardus Vermaak (multi-instrumentalist, ShangriLah)

Gerhardus expressed a desire to continue the project with Victor as a permanent fixture, and also a desire to evolve into a live band in due course. Whilst the band only consists of two members currently, efforts are underway to change that soon.

Embrace The Tide was tracked, mixed and mastered by Heinrich Köllner.

Literal meaning attributed to ‘Embrace The Tide’

For Gerhard, the creation of this music seems to represent something of a spiritual venture. He told us before of the connection he felt with the sea, and the intention behind the music of ShangriLah to reflect that. Today he has shared this philosophy in greater depth:

“The ocean and the Life therein inspired every single note of the Ep, but the ‘ocean’ means more than just a mass of water. It represents the deepness of the universe, and an immensity beyond our comprehension. I hope that when people listen to the music, that they can feel the pulse of the Oceaniverse; that they can experience the connection we have with the deep; that they can experience the pain of every life stolen. Even if someone has never even been to the aquarium, I hope this inspires them, as I am, to conserve and protect our majestic Spiritual guide.” ~ Gerhardus Vermaak

Embrace The Tide is available via the ShangriLah bandcamp page for high quality download options. Gerhardus tells us that work is already underway for new material, yet he remains elusive as to what and when.

“There are definitely further plans for exploring, but they all involve Victor. After the amazing result he gave, I’m sold. We’re extremely proud to release these compositions, and we hope to see all on the live scene soon.” ~ Gerhardus Vermaak

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