ShangriLah: Ocean Hymn Eternal Playthrough

ShangriLah 2018 Ocean Hymn Eternal

Cape Town, South Africa: we’re using the opportunity of ShangriLah‘s latest play-through video, featuring ‘Ocean Hymn Eternal’ from the bands 2017 Embrace The Tide EP, to share news that work has begun on a follow-up in 2018. Furthermore, the principle member Gerhardus Vermaak tells us that a full band is being assembled for live performance later this year.

Ocean Hymn Eternal, a lasting resonance.

Initially begun as an instrumental studio project, ShangriLah undertook a vocal experiment with Victor van den Heever (Thread Of Omen) on vocals. Owing to the success of that venture, Victor is now a permanent member moving forward with the band.

“I was so happy with his performance on the EP, and after seeing him live I knew I had the right man for what is to come.” ~ Gerhardus Vermaak (multi-instrumentalist, ShangriLah)

Whilst things are developing fast behind closed doors, Gerhardus maintains that live performance will only be likely towards the end of the year. After the next release for sure. Whilst a complete band has yet to take shape, he tells us that there will be further guests appearing on the follow-up EP, titled Coral Cognizance. For now, the play-through video for ‘Ocean Hymn Eternal’ can help fans to bridge the gap!

“It was an absolute pleasure to work on the video and to bring forth the small details that define ShangriLah. Even though we are progressing to our second EP, the compositions from the first release will forever resonate with my very soul.” ~ Gerhardus Vermaak

Gerhardus is working together with Victor on a second video to honour the work done on Embrace The Tide before Coral Cognizance appears.

Coral Cognizance: a promise of what is to come.

The EP will be recorded during March and April, and will comprise of three tracks. As the title suggests, ShangriLah continues with its oceanic theme, thus expanding on the narrative begun on Embrace The Tide.

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