Sindulgence Introduce A ‘King Beyond The Wall’


Since the release of their debut album Recollections in June of 2012, Cape Town-based Sindulgence have been regarded as one of the more serious contenders on the local metal circuit. This was recently proven with their acclaimed co-headline appearance at metal4africa’s SummerFest’14 on the first of February. The band is especially celebrated for their somewhat bizarre but unmistakably metal soundscape, we at metal4africa have come to view Sindulgence as one of the most original sounding bands to emerge from this cities scene in quite some time. Regardless of how anybody else (we still hear the occasional unfounded murmurs of them being a “System Of A Down knockoff”) might feel about that, it cannot be denied that their sound is becoming ever harder to pin.

Today, Sindulgence have released their first single since Recollections, titled ‘King Beyond The Wall’. We took a moment to get some words from the band about the new material and what can be expected from future releases:

“The song writing is more refined and consistent. The song itself can be seen as a small part of a bigger picture, the new album is very conceptual and surreal. Every song interlinks to form part of a very intricate world we’ve created, loaded with classical literature references, mythology and strong imagery coupled in with a pseudo storytelling through music technique that’s more aligned with literature than music albums. We plan on focusing very much on imagery and concepts to write the remainder of the record.” ~ Ryan Eberlin (Guitarist)

It is also worth noting, with the crisp production, that this release is yet another product of the celebrated Burning Tone Studio (affiliated with Burning Tone Records) curated by Louis Henn (Megalodon & Zombies Ate My Girlfriend). We asked a bit about how it felt to be working in this new environment since the last album:

“Working with Louis at Burning Tone is great! He’s driven and actively involved as a producer. Really gets under the skin of his projects. We tried quad tracking for guitars for the first time and more vocal overdubs for a Bigger sound. More attention has been placed on vocals, particularly the clean.” ~ Ryan Eberlin

‘King Beyond The Wall’ Produced by Sindulgence and Louis Henn

Mixed and Mastered by Louis Henn at Burning Tone Studios

Artwork by Sherlic White at Coronal Designs.

Find additional information about Sindulgence at their official facebook page.

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