Sindulgence Visualize ‘The March Hare’


Cape Town’s Sindulgence have recently impressed local audiences when co-headlining at our SummerFest’14 festivities in Stellenbosch. The band has been known to bring across a light-hearted-but-heavy-weight brand of modern metal which, now with their landmark SummerFest’14 performance, has transcended into an equally engaging live atmosphere. Sindulgence has just released a live video to celebrate this new chapter in the story, featuring ‘The March Hare’ from their Recollections debut album.

“The video was shot at our recent performance at metal4africa’s SummerFest’14 along with some behind the scenes footage at a band braai. Some other noticeable elements are what we’ve introduced to our live shows which includes the use of costumes, props and theatrics as well as extra stage performers; all of which will be continued in future shows. We want to give something back to the crowd that’s more than just a live show that they’ve seen before. Every show will be absolutely unique in this way.” ~ Ryan Eberlin (guitarist)

Although the video is for an older song, the band has also released a new single in 2014 titled ‘King Beyond The Wall’ (follow link to article and song).

“We’ve begun tracking our second studio album and plan to release another single or two later this year. The new album shows a different side to our music from what people have seen before, using interesting tools and gear which we’ve recently acquired. We’ll be performing some of these new songs at our upcoming shows.” ~ Ryan

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