Sinister Superstar: ‘Seeds ov Betrayal’ out now

Sinister Superstar 2017 Seeds ov Betrayal

Richards Bay, South Africa: explorers of the black metal realm can download the latest offering from Sinister Superstar free of charge; a four-track EP titled Seeds ov Betrayal.

The project, whilst being the conceptual brainchild of Vernon Eksteen (aka: Vermin) who performs the role of chief vocalist on the release, also features collaborations with various other South African musicians of the deep underground. Names such as Nathan Mckillop of Nephilim, Urban Swart (self-named solo musician/writer) and Lance Von Buddenbrock of Sufferance are attributed to the various songs on the EP for instrumentation and other roles.

The artwork for Seeds ov Betrayal includes yet another known name from South Africa’s darker side with Shelby Maelanthe of Spectral Realm being credited for the work.

This latest offering follows a previous EP with Tentamen Suicidii in 2014 and a demo track in 2012 titled ‘Sin Crawling In Her Skin’.

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