Sinprophecy Summon Up A Lyric Video


To kick off the new year, Sinprophecy from Cairo, Egypt have released a lyric video for “Summoning” off their forthcoming album, Through Sacrifice and Redemption!

“Summoning” is a slow-paced creeper of a track that lurches along but takes some interesting turns while it does so. The plodding first half gives way to a soaring melodic solo while the chorus is anthemic in it’s delivery and structure. The brooding nature of the music is complimented by a dark video that features evil masks, evil forests, evil asylums… You name it, if it’s evil, this video has it!

For me, this song and video hearken back to the mid 2000’s era of gothic black metal where melody and atmosphere took over from the blast beats and pummeling guitar riffs we’re used to, so settle into a chair with a glass of red wine, light a candle and get ready to summon up one hell of a song.

Watch the lyric video below and look out for more details about Sinprophecy‘s Through Sacrifice and Redemption in the weeks to come!