Skinflint: ‘Chief Of The Ghosts’ out now

Skinflint 2016 Cheif Of The Ghosts

Gaborone, Botswana: established in 2006, this three member Heavy Metal band has delivered its fifth full length album today with Chief Of The Ghosts. Incorporating elements of African folklore and cultural significance into the sounds of traditional Heavy Metal have marked the band as something quite unique in the global arena, and Skinflint have attracted much attention from media abroad. Chief Of The Ghosts honours this signature approach of the band with the track list telling all:

1. ‘Borankana Metal’
2. ‘Ram of Fire’
3. ‘Iqungo’
4. ‘Anyoto Aniota’
5. ‘Ndondoncha’
6. ‘Rainbow Snakes’
7. ‘Milk Fever’
8. ‘Anger of the Spirits’
9. ‘Chief of the Ghosts’

“I think that the environment has a strong influence on an artist’s vision. For as long back as I can remember, Skinflint songs have always been written in rural areas where storytelling and African Folklore is still strong. I think this is reflected in the music. Bringing the two worlds of African folklore and Heavy Metal together, felt like an easy process. As Metal knows no boundaries.” ~ Giuseppe Sbrana (guitar/vocals, Skinflint)

Skinflint 2015 press pic

Giuseppe also speaks of a strong DIY attitude within the band where creativity is not limited only to making music. Among African based bands it is uncommon to find one which outputs as many music videos as Skinflint manage to, with Giuseppe simply stating that it pleases their fans, and so they create them. Additionally, the album artwork is also an internal affair credited to the band’s drummer, Alessandra Sbrana. As to the continued use of a very traditional, organic writing and production styles – spurned perhaps by the hordes of young tech-savvy home producers of today – the answer is quite simple:

“We don’t follow a specific formula, or put much thought into the creative process of making songs. We just try to let things happen on their own, so that it feels more natural and sincere. I think the approach is similar to the recording, where we try to use as little studio tricks and effects as possible, paying respect to the original source of the recordings. I think it feels more human this way, the emotions are raw, and the recordings imperfect.” ~ Giuseppe Sbrana

Chief Of The Ghosts at the time of publishing is only available from the band via their own webstore at Check out some samples from the latest album at Skinflint‘s youtube page, such as the video below.

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