Skinflint: self-titled album is available now

Skinflint 2018 Front cover

Gabarone, Botswana: Africa’s champion of old-school Heavy Metal returns with its fifth studio album, Skinflint. Following up 18 months after the previous album, Chief of the Ghosts, Skinflint delivered this self-titled wonder.

Skinflint reaches a culmination in its unique style.

Guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana, bassist Kebonye Nkoloso, and drummer Alessandra Sbrana incorporate elements from African culture with metal music. Skinflint‘s earlier releases, Iklwa, Gauna, Dipoko Nyemba, and Chief of the Ghosts pay homage to African spirituality and mythology; all whilst still playing in the vein of traditional heavy metal.

“We feel that this album is the culmination of our style of African metal. The album was named Skinflint as we feel that the music here best showcases our artistic vision and what Skinflint stands for.” ~ Giuseppe Sbrana

The album artwork is a combined effort by band members, Giuseppe and Alessandra Sbrana. Recorded locally in Botswana, and; with mastering done by Audiosiege in Portland, USA; the album retains the raw energy and passion of a live studio performance.

“We allowed the compositions to happen organically and as a result we uncovered a new mystical, dimension to our style of music.” ~ Giuseppe Sbrana

Skinflint will perform a live launch for the album – which is already available for sale in hard copy – on Saturday 30 June in Gabarone. Further dates for love shows are in the pipeline.

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