Soul’s Darkness: Humanity EP out now

Soul's Darkness 2021 Humanity

Gqeberha / Bloemfontein, South Africa: the two-man melodic death metal project, Soul’s Darkness, released a debut EP on Friday. Titled Humanity, the EP showcases talents Shaun Mitchell from the coastal city Gqeberha, and and Waldo Janse van Rensburg, from Bloemfontein.

Soul’s Darkness: Humanity

Shaun is most likely best known for his solo project Dead Man Risen, which churned out a whopping four whole albums since 2017. However, Shaun has roots in his cohorts home city as well; previously being resident in Bloemfontein and also a member of that city’s well-known band, Dream Of Nightmares.

Since we already know Shaun, M4A hunted down Waldo for some info.

“Shaun and I met when he was still in Bloem. I used to work at BT Games and Shaun worked at the hospital across the road. he would always come to hang out in the store during his lunch breaks and so found out that both of us have a love for music as well as gaming.” ~ Waldo Janse van Rensburg (guitars, Soul’s Darkness)

Waldo recounts a period of time where he and some friends attempted to start a band, but the exercise offered little promise for releasing any music. He and Shaun had mused about creating music together for several years, but things really started coming together since the lockdown period beset South Africa.

With these musical forces combined, Soul’s Darkness aims to create melodic death metal which relates closely to the gaming universe; and with a dash of lighthearted humour at times.

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