Sound On Screen film festival talks metal

Sound on Screen 2016 Film Festival

Cape Town, South Africa: now in it’s sixth cycle since first appearing in 2010, the annual Sound On Screen film festival by Flamedrop Productions is underway. As South Africa’s only film festival to show such films on the big screen, Sound On Screen puts a focus on the fusion of music culture and movies, typically screening a variety of documentary films. Always a delight to us is the inclusion of some titles relevant to heavy metal sub-culture.

“As with live shows we’re involved with, we do it to bring the alternative community together, get people out of the house and involved – we do the same with our film festivals. We try our best to source interesting movies that will never hit a cinema in South Africa and get them onto the big screen. It’s quite a task putting something like this together, and bringing it to the attention of people who will be into it takes more than a few Facebook posts. It has been so great when the cinema is packed with Metalheads all having a blast watching international titles like Get Thrashed, Lamb Of God: As the Palaces Burn, or movies closer to home like March Of The Gods.” ~ Paul Blom (festival organiser, Flamedrop Productions)

The festival delivers a full set of brand new documentaries with all of the international titles making their African premiers, and covering a wide range of genres and topics. For local films, band members and filmmakers featured will be attending related screenings. Paul also tells us that there will be some special giveaways at some screenings. Catching our attention in particular are two titles this year with a specific focus on heavy metal: Blackhearts, and 1984 Riding into Hell.

“While we try to always include a wide variety of music related movies – a task in itself finding the rights holders, getting screening permission, negotiating screening fees, etc – we naturally always try to include Metal related productions. Titles we’ve screened over the years include Strapping Young Lad (concert film), God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, Get Thrashed – The Story Of Thrash Metal, Black Metal: A Documentary, among others.” ~ Paul Blom


blackhearts_aBlackhearts takes a fresh look at the notorious Norwegian black metal music scene – but from a striking new angle. It travels to South America, Europe and the Middle East to follow three black metal diehards who hail from extreme religious and political backgrounds. Hector, Kaiadas and Sina are willing to risk alienation, imprisonment – even death – to play black metal and live by its ideology. They worship the Norwegian black metal music they have modeled their lives around (with their bands From The Vastland, Naer Mataron and Luciferian)

Blackhearts takes its audience deep into the minds, hearts and private lives of its characters. It explores how a music scene develops across religious, cultural and political lines – and provides comic relief on the things humans say, think and do when hijacked by passion. Also featuring members from bands including Gogoroth, Immortal, Satyricon, Dark Throne, and music from Burzum, Keep Of Kalessin, Myrkskog, Gorgoroth, Manes.

The film is Directed by Fredrik Horn Akselsen and Christian Falch and screens on Sunday 28 August, 18h15, at The Labia Theatre. Book here.

1984 Riding into Hell

RidingIntoHell_aGeorge Orwell may have predicted that in 1984 the world would be a colorless place where humans relentlessly bowed down to big brother, but 1984 Riding Into Hell reflects a brave new world; one of loud rock & roll and excess! Before Metallica became a household name, thousands of Hard Rock / Metal bands in as many towns across America dreamed of Rock stardom, but not everyone can make it. One of these bands was Forcer. This documentary takes you through their rise and fall in the fight for fame and fortune, but what makes this even more enlightening is the inclusion of news and history-making events, ranging from the Reagan election, Cold War, introduction of the Apple Macintosh and Paul McCartney being bust for marijuana possession, through to Richard Branson launching Virgin Airlines, the Union Carbide chemical disaster in India, Atari video games and classic TV ads from the era.

1984 Riding into Hell is Directed by Rudy Childs and screens on Saturday 27 August, 16h00, at The Labia Theatre. Book here.

Tickets are priced at R45 each and can be booked online via Quicket, or for reservations, members of the public can call the Labia to reserve at 021 424 5927. To see the full list of screenings, and for other bookings, visit Quicket and/or see the official facebook event page.

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