South African hour on Norwegian Metal Radio tonight!


It happens from time to time that ears somewhere in the world hone themselves to what is happening in South African metal – some time ago it was Polish Radio Revolta – but tonight it will be the Norwegians at Metal Express Radio.

Tonight, they have invited a new name on the South African block, Arx from Gauteng, as guest band. “Joe and I were asked to host a Guest DJ hour” said Yuri, vocalist and bassist for Arx, “so we will be playing ten tracks that influenced our sound and musical tastes over the years, including some South African metal.”

These tracks will be followed by a showcase of Arx‘ album and will be airing (no podcasts) twice, live today Friday 21 June at 15:00 and 21:00 Central European Time, which at this time of year should be identical to our South African time.

For those of you not out supporting your favorite metal bands, follow the link above, tune in, and listen to what Europe is hearing of South African metal!

Stream “The War Is On” by Arx below:

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