South Africa’s ‘League Of Doom’ launches

The League Of Doom 2015

South African doom metal enthusiasts have long lurked deep within the privacy of the country’s most shadowy of undergrounds, but no longer. Join us now in welcoming to the social arena: The League Of Doom!

Established initially in Cape Town, The League Of Doom is not exactly new. It has existed in principle for a number of years already and even engaged in some activity, albeit of a more private nature. The protagonists behind the idea, however, have decided that the time is ripe to draw back the veil and bring themselves and their beloved musical genre to stand more firmly within the scene. We went in pursuit of some information to learn about the history of the genre locally and abroad, and to find out why they feel that establishing an ‘entity’ is necessary to fulfill their objectives.

We were surprised to find an interview with two of the personalities behind the project, Justin Bedford and Malcolm Burger, to be quite far-reaching in gathering information and went into deep discussion on the subject – so much so that we will be releasing the full interview, which was captured on video, to the public in due course. Featured today alongside the launch of The League Of Doom‘s public facebook page (find it here), is a short preview video into the interview and just some of the avenues discussed.

Justin, who is the driving force behind The League Of Doom, is known mostly from his days as bass guitarist for Cape Town death metal band, A Walk With The Wicked. Malcolm Burger is a well-known personality on the local scene, having appeared on stages as part of many bands since the late 90s, including Grämlich, Revellus, Terminatryx, Axxon and Subvers, amidst other projects; the significance of his participation in the interview as being the founding member of 90s Cape Town doom band, Grämlich.

With the volume of information to be released in coming weeks, we decided to hold back on further comment from The League Of Doom for today, suffice to add that if you’re a fan of the doom metal and affiliated genres, there are some good things coming your way, and you are invited to participate! Apart from an event announcement to be revealed for Cape Town next week, the group will also be launching a podcast for national enjoyment and all sorts of other resources to keep South African doom fans entertained and enlightened. Interested persons are invited to join the newly launched facebook community page.

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