Sovran: New Draconian album in October

Draconian 2015 feat Heike Langhans

Why on earth, some of our regular readers from around Africa might be wondering, are we breaking protocol and posting an article about a non-African band?

Draconian, based in Sweden, remain one of the worlds leading gothic / doom metal bands with a history of four studio albums to their name, and a slew of pre-2002 demo albums. Of course, the release of their latest offering via Napalm Records, due on 30 October, Sovran has been long anticipated since the departure from the band of long-time singer Lisa Johansson in 2011. Our own enthusiasm for this album is compounded by the fact that Sovran will feature the talent of South African singer/artist, Heike Langhans, who joined the band in 2012.

The creatively inclined Heike moved to Sweden after successfully auditioning for the band, taking with her a solo project labeled as Lor3l3i and used to sing for the now-defunct Cape Town band Inferium. She is now also involved in a two-person project called ISON

The album artwork for Sovran was created by the Romanian Chioreanu Constin of Twilight 13 Media, known for his work also on cover art for bands such as Arch Enemy, Paradise Lost, At The Gates, Opeth and tons of others.

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Draconian album art, Sovran