Spectral Realm: first full track from debut album

Voyage To Spectral Realm album art

Gauteng’s symphonica-infused black metal band Spectral Realm have released the first full-length sample of a track from their forthcoming debut album. The album Voyage To Spectral Realm has had it’s release, originally planned for late last year, delayed on account of technicalities with the recording process.

“Unfortunately, we suffered a major setback owing to the original person recording our album being unable to record us any further midway into the project. That never dulled the idea of getting the album out, and then we found Allen Purkiss which was exactly what was required to create the album we had in mind” ~ Shelby ‘Maelanthe’ Green (keyboardist, Spectral Realm)

Allen Purkiss is credited with having worked on albums by other local bands such as Instrumetal and Gates Of Aaru.

Whilst not getting too sentimental about the freshly released ‘Abysmal Development’ as being the bands strongest track, the band feels that it is the best representation of what fans could expect from the album as a whole. Shelby mentions songs from Spectral Realm‘s live set such as ‘Enveloping Darkened Embrace’ and ‘Perverted Mind Abuse’ as packing an even meaner punch.

“We’ve had a great response from those who heard ‘Abysmal Development’ so far. Longtime fans are happy with the sound, and we’ve also had quite a bit of positive feedback from international listeners” ~ Shelby ‘Maelanthe’ Green

With work on the album now complete and the official launch scheduled for May, with a few shows being queued up to promote it, the band are also gearing up to begin work on a second album.

“We have another album’s worth of material already written, and that means no slowing down and a lot of hard work still to come. We are definitely looking to start performing new material in the next couple months. We are glad to be taking Spectral Realm to the next level.” ~ Shelby ‘Maelanthe’ Green

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