Spectral Realm; The Drift: double album launch

The Mountain Voyage poster feat. The Drift and Spectral Realm

This coming weekend in Johannesburg will see a unique metal album launch party, labeled “The Mountain Voyage”. Not only can the public come together in celebration of The Drift‘s second offering with The Mountain Star, but they can also get their hands on Spectral Realm‘s long awaited Voyage To Spectral Realm debut album. The event promises to be everything and anything but a culture clash, weaving in combinations of all things headbangable from the dark and sinister to the light-hearted and groovy. The line-up includes as diverse acts as Haggis and Bong, Bleeding Spawn, GUNSHIP, Lesuth, Ham Of Bob, Posthumous, Satanic Dagga Orgy, South of Nine and Dave Beretta Owens along with the two featured of the night.

The initiative was instigated, apparently, by The Drift. We went in pursuit of both bands to learn about the collaborative effort for the album launch.

“We are humbled thatwe were offered the opportunity to share an album launch event, bringing different genres together for something that guarantees to be a party!” ~ Ryno ‘Lord Onyr’ Rabe (guitar, Spectral Realm)

The concept was further described as wanting to take two things and rather making one thing more awesome.

“It kind of takes the edge off as well, having two bands launching albums on the night; so we can concentrate more on just making a fun and varied event. We’re too old to have some self-indulgent ‘Super 16’ bullshit party, so rather just throw contrasting sounds into the pot and see what happens.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

In addition to the promise of interestingly varied music, there will be a guitar give-away on the night! In doing the combined launch, there was also some thought towards creating a piece of non-band-specific artwork to remember the event by, which will be printed onto the instrument given away.

“We figured, ‘how would it look on a guitar?’. Pretty rad, we think. So Music Connection were kind enough to let us have one, and we’re going to try and get that done this week. No pressure!” ~ Louis Du Pisani

The Mountain Voyage launch event will be taking place at Rumours Lounge – Bar – Restaurant this Friday (15 May). Visit the facebook event page for updates and additional info.

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