SSIK: old faces, new sounds, and Greatest Hits album

Johannesburg, South Africa: a band which managed to inject itself into the spotlight since 2013 is The Drift. Consequently, after two studio albums and a string of hard-hitting live shows, The Drift settled into an indefinite hiatus. Or did it? Meet SSIK.

SSIK, the world’s worst KISS cover band…

You’ve guessed it. The Drift might be on extended leave from public activity, but its members are not dead. M4A investigated a new surge of creativity bubbling to the fore this week. We now know that the band is coming out of the closet with a dark secret; one which its members attempted to express in their former guise on many occasions. They actually have a sense of humour, an ability to take life with a pinch of salt, as well as a side project band.

The following statement from SSIK:

“The world’s worst Kiss cover band returns for the first time to release their debut – Greatest Hits. A band that fully embodies Rock Bottom & Roll, SSIK rumbles through middle age powered by Pilsener and purple haze. A band that is a true testament to self sabotage regarding their social status and careers, SSIK still stands by the fact that they can party all night, or go to bed when they realise everyone in the room is half their age”. ~ youtube video excerpt

New roles, new focus

Consisting of the same members, the only roles switched out are between front man and guitarist, Stefan Stabic and Louis du Pisani. This mix seeks to bring about what the band describes as a lazy combination of Punk and Sludge. Louis tells us how this manifestation came about:

“SSIK started on the 31st of July 2016, when The Drift played it’s last show. We wrote a bunch of Drift songs but then decided to put those on ice until Stef had a chance to rejoin after having a kid. The rest of us continued to write some private joke silly songs which became ‘Greatest Hits’. When Stef came back we just gave him the mic”. ~ Louis du Pisani (guitar, SSIK)

Further describing the name as “a bad joke”, Louis explains how the lyrics are a sort of “meta” to themselves. One of the songs, ‘Gotdrol’, recalls online hate the band received in its earliest days when selected to support USA’s Lamb Of God SA tour. ‘Ssik, Ssik, Ssik’ pokes fun at the band members’ own musical past, and that they are middle-aged gamers (including one game designer).

To get what this really is all about, keep an eye (and ear) out on The Drift social channels for Greatest Hits when it arrives on 01 November. In the meantime, here is a little bit of preview material in the form of album cover art, and a video.

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