Strident: Hellington repertoire unveiled

Strident 2016 press photo

Cape Town, South Africa: South Africa’s beloved Power Metal band, Strident, have become better known in their later years for massive arrangements, unexpected twists, and intriguing collaborations (see previous article) which represent a massive shift from their humble and almost quirky beginnings. Although a spot of that playful spirit always remains, Strident have definitely moved into more mature musical waters since their explosive emergence in 2008 with fun songs like ‘Power Metal From Space’.

The band has noticeably taken the back seat in terms of live performance in recent years. However, a telling set of photos appeared online in recent days which put us on their trail to sniff out any recent news.

“Over the past three years, it’s become increasingly difficult to gig as Strident, as members have scattered across the country, or left the band altogether due to professional and personal commitments.” ~ Deon van Heerden (guitar/vocals/composer, Strident)

With near to half of the band currently situated 300Km distant from Cape Town, the Strident has had to take on new form. Whilst the band’s writing nucleus remains unchanged with Deon van Heerden and Piet Delport at it’s center, the live repertoire seems to be a case of musical chairs.

“In late 2014, Chris – our drummer – started living and working as a session drummer and assistant engineer at the studio of our producer, Jo Ellis, in Ladismith. Jo also joined as our de-facto second guitarist. This line-up last gigged at the Broforce Launch Party in October 2015.” ~ Deon van Heerden

Deon tells us that with the distance, and coupled with severe work schedules, the band has been unable to rehearse for “casual” gigging, and so this year they have expanded to include a standby drummer and guitarist for live shows that the outlaying members cannot play. The first show with this new live line-up (pictured above) will be at Hellington later in March.

With that, Deon introduces Evan Fourie (currently also in Imperial Destruction) on drums, co-founding member George van der Riet (currently also in Beeldenstorm) returning to guitar duty, and completed by Karin Pretorius (from now-defunct Suiderbees) who has been the band’s live keyboardist for over a year already.

“To ease into it, we’re playing a set that’s 50% Strident material, and 50% our favorite covers from the past eight years. It’s going to be a blast!” ~ Deon van Heerden

With that, Deon concludes that the live line-up is likely to change from time to time; and in the meantime, the band will be congregating in Ladismith this weekend to film a new music video… as we await further news on an album for some day in the hopefully not too distance future. For details on the Hellington festival, visit the official facebook event page.

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