Subject To Slaughter: collaboration single released

Subject To Slaughter 2016 Undesirables

Cape Town, South Africa: recent Wacken Metal Battle finalists for the South African leg of the global competition, Subject To Slaughter have followed up their debut album Eschatology released in June, with a single. The new song ‘Undesirable’ takes an unexpected aural twist in a collaboration with Joel Dickson, a vocalist known for stamping his clean-vocal mark on the debut album Harbinger from Animus Fall and is the current vocalist for Last One Alive.

“‘Undesirables’ is a statement of solidarity among those who are seen as ‘unfit’ for a society that is broken, and who refuse to color within the lines. Working with Subject To Slaughter has been a real breeze. The song was very well constructed and I was given complete freedom to write parts for both myself and Stefan, as well as adding any ideas I had for the song. We had been knocking the song around since before StS started tracking their EP, so we’ve had a long time to refine it. I’m really happy with how it came out. Thanks a bunch to Mike Cubic for the awesome mix.” ~ Joel Dickson (vocals, Last One Alive)

This has been a long gestating idea which did not make it onto the band’s Eschatology album owing mostly to an exhausted budget and schedule, although now completed represents a tidy piece all by itself and a significant development for the band. It was recorded by the same person as the album, with Mike Cubic of 7 String Studios.

“When we sat down to discuss the Eschatology release – even before we started to record it – we spoke about placing a track on the EP that features clean vocals with a guest. We did not even have to look very far to find a vocalist that would fit the part, and we fell in love with Joel’s vocals from the start. having such a talented vocalist work with us is a great milestone for us and we are definitely going to be looking to do more collaborative features.” ~ Anrich Engelbrecht (drums, Subject To Slaughter)

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