Subject To Slaughter EP launch approaches

Subject To Slaughter 2016 Eschatology

Cape Town, South Africa: back home from their first intercity tour to Johannesburg where they also competed in the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, local metal band Subject To Slaughter are now armed with a completed debut EP titled Eschatology. With the first hint of a formal release reaching fans in September last year, the band has rapidly gained the interests of the scene including a first time appearance on the M4A stage at our own SummerFest’16 event this year.

The launch date for Eschatology is set for 18 June and will be characterized by a performance at ROAR in Cape Town, along with Bulletscript and guests from Port Elizabeth, Mezzanine Floor.

“Two years ago we never thought we would be where we are today. For each of us it’s a dream come true; to be able to release our baby into the world means the world to us. But of course, we can not take credit alone, since we had loads of help from Mike and Carla Cubic who made it all possible. We hope that the fans enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating it.” ~ Anrich Engelbrecht (drums, Subject To Slaughter)

Subject To Slaughter recorded Eschatology at 7 String Studios under the guardianship of Anrich Engelbrecht and Mike Cubic, with Mike Cubic also responsible for mixing and mastering. The Eschatology cover artwork was created by band members Werner Barnardo and Anrich Engelbrecht.

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