Subject To Slaughter whet carnal appetites with new track

Subject To Slaughter 2015 press picture

Based in Cape Town, Subject To Slaughter are one of the country’s freshest acts to be aspiring for succession to the throne of aural brutality. Whilst their proclaimed sub-genre of melodic deathcore is definitely a suitable fit, their 8-stringed guitar approach has clearly also inspired some djent-laden passages within the currently available samples of their well-formed tracks. One such sample has been released just today with ‘Ripened For Gorging’, a song to whet carnal appetites for future treats to come.

“Our previous track ‘Verlassen Sie Verrotten’ was a home recording done at our guitarist’s house. Also it was our first attempt at recording a song with 8 strings. We decided to take a more professional approach with ‘Ripened For Gorging’ and recorded it at 7 String Studios.” ~ Anrich Engelbretch (drums, Subject To Slaughter)

Anrich describes how the band’s current sound and style is not the result of a specific attempt to replicate anything specific, and production for ‘Ripened For Gorging’ was left open to interpretation by the capable ears of Mike Cubic (also known as bass guitarist for Ill System, With Dawn, and previously also with Moment Of Clarity) who tracked and mixed it.

“Each member of the band brings his own flavour to Subject To Slaughter. Every song is unique in its own way. We try to incorporate a lot of different metal styles into our music.” ~ Anrich Engelbretch

Although the band have not yet begun work on a bigger release project, Anrich tells us we should keep an eye out for something noteworthy in 2016. Mostly likely an EP. In the meantime, the band is more intently focused on the shorter term goal of building a strong fanbase on the live circuit, and cite the coming Cape Town leg of Battle For Witchfest as a milestone they wish to hurdle successfully; the prize being an opportunity to perform at next year’s festival featuring a monster line-up of both local and international extreme metal bands such as Behemoth, At The Gates, Cattle Decapitation, Origin and more at Witchfest 2016.

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