SUBVERS share their Bloodstained Eulogies

SubverS 2015 album release

Cape Town gothic-inspired SUBVERS are back after disappearing from the live scene for a long stretch. This time, they come with a full album in their arsenal! For today, SUBVERS have offered ‘Revelation’ as a taster of what to expect from their Bloodstained Eulogies debut album which will be launched at Mercury Live on Saturday 21 November.

“The launch show represents a celebration and the culmination of a long and hard journey to birth a labour of love that has at times been very difficult. We would love to be able to share it with all our friends and everyone else who enjoys their Metal with a bit of a sinister twist. We will be giving away unique download codes to every single person who is there so they can own a piece of us and a piece of history!” ~ Malcolm Burger (guitar, SUBVERS)

As evidenced in this track, the band’s sound represents a collaboration of members who wanted to create the kind of music they all liked and features members largely from other bands with of all kinds of metal/alternative background. SUBVERS describes their aspiration as a combination of a heavy, guitar-driven sound, spiced with a more sinister Gothic undertone. Bloodstained Eulogies has been produced by SUBVERS and Henk Smith.

Saturday’s launch of Bloodstained Eulogies will cost R40 entrance at Mercury Live, and support will be offered by the progressive rock-metal-fusion band Zero Stroke. Full details can be found on the official facebook event page.

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