Succumb to “Scattered Fate” with a new track from Frostagrath

frostagrath-promo-2014Frostagrath is a one man depressive black metal project from Cairo, Egypt. Since 2011 the band has released multiple splits, singles and full-lengths with 2014 heralding Isolation as the latest addition to the catalogue. Main man Lord Mist also contributes to Hateful Desolation and Hecate.

My love affair with DSBM is a testy one; most of the bands that I’ve come across are poorly produced, repetitive or just plain unlistenable, but when a band gets it right I will happily drown in the morbid wash of strained guitars and howled vocals for hours! Frostagrath fortunately fits into the latter category and the funereal feeling of “Scattered Fate” hits a sweet spot I’ve been missing for the past few months!

While most black metal bands on the continent dwell in the shadow of the second-wave of Norwegian black metal, I really appreciate that DSBM like this exists! Isolation will be out later this year and Lord Mist has confirmed that it will feature a mystery guest vocalist on at least one of the tracks. Keep an eye out for our review of Isolation when it is released!

Stream “Scattered Fate” below and check out Frostagrath on Facebook here: