SummerFest’16: Imperial Destruction album launch

Imperial Destruction album artwork preview

Imperial Destruction have firmly established themselves as an identity within the South African metal scene by sheer force of will, hard work, and a captivating sound and style. With two Gauteng tours under the belt by the Western Cape melodic death metal outfit, the band can also claim credit for the Night Of Destruction event series and also having established the Geraas Plaas festival. Now, they will finally be launching their debut album at metal4africa‘s SummerFest’16 event on 30 January in Cape Town.

With three preview tracks already available for public listening (see articles on Like Wolves That Bare Their Teeth, Sinner and Lady Dark Page), we focused on the artwork for Imperial Destruction‘s debut album Ruinous, which was created by the band’s vocalist.

“The visual concept behind the album art revolves around a royal being that is decaying, and wears a cursed crown. This leaves many questions and possibilities as to the being’s death. Unsettling and somewhat alive, it can be assumed that the crown took control of the being, leaving him possessed with promises of fortune and fame to satisfy his greed. Although this is my perspective, I like viewers to imagine their own stories and possibilities.” ~ Jason Modryc (vocals, Imperial Destruction / artist, Writhe Creations)

Jason went on to describe the artwork as being almost an extension to the band’s name, with “Imperial” alluding to the character as royalty, and “Destruction” the notion of ruin.

“The name invokes quite a descriptive image of what our music is about and how the artwork came to life. ‘A royal force left ruinous'” ~ Jason Modryc

With the artwork now unveiled and music samples already available, the stage is figuratively and literally set for the launch of Ruinous at SummerFest’16 at 12 Viben Avenue in Brackenfell. Imperial Destruction will be performing at 19h15, and are joined by the bands Megalodon, Wildernessking, The Drift, Wargrave, SubverS, Take Hand, Fuera and Subject To Slaughter. See full event details at the official SummerFest’16 facebook event page, or check out our own press release on M4A here.

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