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Cape Town, South Africa: when we say our little festival is “a place for Friendship and Metal”, we’re not joking! The reason we say so is because this article title is misleading. The 10 tickets we’ll be giving away for SummerFest’19 on 02 February are not for free; a person who worked hard in 2018 is sharing the fruits of his labour and is paying for them; so that some anonymous “others” can share in with what brings him joy! Friendship and Metal.

We’ve agreed to drive this initiative for him. See, M4A doesn’t do event freebies. Out of respect for the time and money our performing bands have poured into their art, and the selfless effort of our staff volunteers; it just doesn’t feel right to cheapen that by creating a sense of “free” to have, just because, and giving it away to whoever. But this campaign is different.

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What is the ‘Make It Count’ campaign all about?

Essentially, it’s about Friendship and Metal. It’s an opportunity for you to Make It Count. To make your friendship with somebody count. To make this gift from a nameless stranger count. In some unexpected way, to make SummerFest’19 count for somebody else as well as yourself. Because this offer is not necessarily for you. It’s for somebody you care about.

Who are we targeting then?

January is a long month and times are hardening for many, financially speaking. For others who are younger, life and cash-flow has not even started yet! Even though we keep our entrance price for M4A shows as low as is reasonable for the scale of event and caliber of entertainment, R140 for some people is still just a bit out of reach.

Sadly we cannot help everybody. We’re also on a very carefully balanced budget and have ample bills to pay if we’re going to keep the magic flowing. But we’re going to make it count by extending an opportunity in a non-direct way. We’re inviting you to nominate somebody you can think of who might be in need of a kick-start for 2019.

How it works:

We’d like you to nominate one (1 person only, please) person who, in your view, could really use a break. Preferably somebody who has never experienced a M4A show before, or somebody who hasn’t been able to in a year or more owing to “life happening”. This is not about extra drinking money for somebody, please. If you don’t know of anybody who really needs a break, just ignore this campaign and leave it for those who need it.

STEP 1. ✔

Visit the SummerFest’19 facebook event page. It’s not compulsory, but why not give it a share whilst you are there? Pretty please? Otherwise, proceed to the next step…

STEP 2. ✔

Now, make a post on the event wall. Please definitely include these hashtags. Just copy and past from below. Your nomination won’t be illegible without them (because we probably won’t see it).


STEP 3. ✔

Getting there! In the same comment, and just below the pasted tags, tell us something about the person you want to nominate – DO NOT ADD THEIR NAME (respect their privacy)- just tell us a few words about what makes this person or their situation special enough that we should choose them rather than somebody else. Don’t be shy to get a little creative and “paint with colour” so-to-speak. We don’t necessarily want to feel sorry for this anonymous person; we want to like them!

STEP 4. ✔

Post the comment to the event page wall. Please note that some posts may require an admin approval. Don’t panic! We’ll get to it if it doesn’t post immediately.

You’re done!

What happens then?

If your nomination makes a compelling story of how we’ve got each other’s back as a Metalhead family, we will contact you directly to identify your nominee and to finalize arrangements for them.

Some BIG small print:

Your nominee, if successful, will not be obliged to reveal them self on social media. M4A has no interest in publishing their names at any time, ever. If they want to, they are allowed to say anything they want on social media.

If you’re thinking it’s a good idea to share sensitive information about somebody’s private life, think again. Even with anonymity and the best of intentions. We’d prefer to keep this light and fun. If you must share a tragedy which somehow has affected somebody financially, maybe better to talk to them first. If something too dark or intense appears in the feed, we reserve the right to remove it at our own discretion. We will inform any person posting of such removal. They will be welcome to try again.

This campaign ends on Friday 25 January. No nominations will be taken into consideration after that date.

When we announce the closure of this campaign, we will not be listing names of successful nominees. Rather, we’ll be listing your names as our SummerFest’19 “M4MakeItCount” Champions ?

Announcement will be some time during the week in the lead up to 02 February, once we’ve verified all 10 recipients.

Here’s an opportunity to make it count.

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