Sunken State: artwork reveal for Solace in Solitude

Sunken State 2021 Solace In Solitude artwork

Johannesburg, South Africa: modern groove metal band Sunken State treated us to an artwork reveal recently. This work is for the band’s debut full-length album, Solace In Solitude, which is launching across all digital platforms this Friday! So far, we have enjoyed two singles for the album, ‘Separation Has Begun‘ and ‘Swindler‘.

Sunken State: Solace In Solitude Artwork

Of course, at metal4africa we always appreciate artwork reveals and, where we can, we like to inquire into them. We were told this about the album cover:

“The album artwork of ‘Solace In Solitude’ is two snakes that represent humanity in an immoral state, the snakes are wrapped around a patterned circle which represents earth.  In the artwork the snakes seem relaxed and content where they are, this shows how the wrongfulness that humans are doing to the planet has become a natural and expected existence.” ~ Sunken State

Solace In Solitude comes at us on Friday 11 June. Unfortunately, owing to Covid-19 and the present alert-lever, the live album launch event has been postponed. No date has been given yet, but the band promises to be back with a date when it seems safe and sensible to do so.

In the meantime, get your live thrills from the music video for ‘Swindler’; featuring footage from a string of memorable shows and rehearsals.

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