Surdus introduced with ‘Silence Will Fall’

Surdus 2015 press
Surdus: image courtesy of Imagine Photography

Surdus, an enigmatic metal band from Gauteng, have released their first single from an upcoming album with ‘Silence Will Fall’. Formed in 2012 with a different style of metal in mind, the band quickly evolved into a melodic feel with groove elements, and have more recently incorporated a symphonic approach too.

“Seeing Septicflesh live in action with symphonic back tracks inspired us to rework our songs into a symphonic groove metal feel. ‘Silence Will Fall’ is something we’re really proud of. It’s the perfect example of what Surdus‘ signature sound is. Lyrically, it’s based on Doctor Who‘s alien race called the Silence, which influences humanity’s decisions through suggestion” ~ Alec Larson (guitar, Surdus)

The release of ‘Silence Will Fall’ follows a little more than two years after the band’s initial release of their Hollow demo EP in 2013, and preempts the release of Surdus‘ as yet unnamed debut full length album expected late in 2016. Also visit the band’s Souncloud page to listen to their tasty five-track Hollow demo EP.

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