Surdus: Tarnished By Decay album out now

Surdus 2016 Tarnished By Decay album cover

Johannesburg, South Africa: it has arrived! As promised by symphonic groove metal band Surdus in a recent press release, their debut full length album Tarnished By Decay has gone live for online purchase this week. Additionally, fans can buy a hardcopy of the album as from this weekend already, if attending Ragnarök at Rumours Lounge tomorrow.

“Music is a major passion of mine and releasing an album feels like I get to contribute to the craft I love so much. In addition, I’ve been writing music for over a decade – it’s taken up a lot of my time. The release of this album feels like a sort of validation or testimony of my talent and effort.” ~ Simon Werner (bass, vocals, arrangement)

Tarnished By Decay sees a rework of some previously available demo material, crafted to the band’s current line-up, along with previously unheard material recorded at the home studio of guitarist Alec Larsen. The final product was co-produced between Alec Larsen and Allen Purkiss of Dreamlab Studio, where the final mix and and mastering took place.

“The mixing and mastering process was extremely iterative and there was lots of back and forth between Allen and myself. I applied the same management philosophies that I do on a day-to-day basis in my game development team lead role. It was an extremely detail oriented process.” ~ Alec Larsen (guitar/vocals, Surdus)

Featuring an instrumental intro, followed by eleven songs of a darkly mischievous play between beauty and brutality, Tarnished By Decay is released under Draconem Records and also displays the latest artwork by Jason Modryc of Writhe Creations. Until further notice, any streaming or purchase of the release can achieved via the Surdus bandcamp page only, or a hardcopy at a live show near you.

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