Tamla Kahn releases ‘Die and Let Live’

Tamla Kahn

Tamla Kahn, a traditional metal-inspired band from Limpopo Province – the only metal band we believe we’ve heard of so far to originate from there – have released the song ‘Die and Let Live’ today. The release has been dedicated to those slain at Bataclan Theater, Paris, where scores of music fans were gunned down by terrorists at a rock concert on 13 November 2015; a horror beyond what the imagination of any musician could conceive.

“Most Tamla Kahn lyrics are about the destruction of the planet and the demise of mankind.” ~ Tamla McMahon (guitar, Tamla Kahn)

In the context of today’s release, Tamla added:

“It feels surreal and really cool to be back on track after having experienced a trauma that we felt we might never bounce back from, but time has proven that we can come back even stronger! Simply put this track is about the relationship between Death and Life.” ~ Tamla McMahon

Having only released a few demo songs since the band’s formation in 2010, by the then teen guitarist, Tamla McMahon, ‘Die and Let Live’ is the first song to be revealed from the Tamla Kahn‘s as yet untitled debut album. Tamla tells us that work continues on the album at SoundHouse 29 Studio with Gavin Grobler and Pieter Ganswyk Nel. We were given no release date, but with today’s preview, it smells like a formal announcement is close!

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