Technopath: first single released, ‘Trip Cat’

Technopath: image courtesy of Christelle Duvenage Photography

Cape Town, South Africa: the long awaited first single from zany technical instrumental band Technopath has arrived with the delivery of ‘Trip Cat’, complete with a music video.

In February, we chatted with guitarist Kris Xenopoulos (best known from local Slam Metal band Vulvodynia) about the project which, even at that time, already intrigued us owing to an impressive listing of guest musicians from all over the world who would take part in it’s debut EP ‘Ontology’, and which is due later this year. We were also impressed by Kris’ own high pedigree in music, having been an active participant in a large number of musical (and mostly Metal) projects across South Africa and entering into an endorsement deal with Laney Amplification by the mere age of 20.

Kris is not the sole star of the act. Fellow guitarist Ethan Naidoo has also just recently been endorsed by Ormsby Guitars for his innovative style of playing.

“So we chose ‘Trip Cat’ first because when I wrote that song I became obsessed with playing it on my guitar and it just always felt special to me for some reason. It’s by no means the best song on the EP but it’s catchy and has a cool vibe so we decided that it would be a nice humble introduction to what Technopath does.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos (guitar, Technopath)

This first preview offered includes only the local ensemble of members, although it is already noteworthy in it’s high caliber of musicianship even without the international stars. We are expecting fascinating things to come.

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