Technopath: ‘Ontology’ art and details revealed

Technopath 2017 Ontology art

Cape Town, South Africa: Durban’s recently relocated Kris Xenopoulos, presently best-known as bass guitarist for South Africa’s slam sensation Vulvodynia, is actually also something of a prodigy on-the-side. At the ripe age of twenty years old, he already has performed as lead guitarist for the legendary SA death metal band Contrast The Water, Durban thrash metal band Carnage Carnival, and released a bizarre solo album under the guise Xenopoulos. This vibrant young guitarist has now assembled a new instrumental/prog project called Technopath, and done so by means of teaming up with many of his own musical heroes locally as well as abroad.

With a release date looming on the horizon, we chatted briefly to Kris about the recent unveiling of an album artwork and his announcement of some pretty exciting music collaborations.

“So, basically I started this project after inviting a guitarist named Ethan Naidoo – whose solo project is called Sketch The Sky – to have a jam my home studio around September. We were both fans of each others guitar playing for a while. After our jam, a chat and hangz, I realized I had to start a band with him because we are both into the exact same bands and both are really dedicated to our instruments.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos (guitar, Technopath)

What has unfolded will soon be history when a completed EP titled Ontology makes it’s global debut in the coming months. An album artwork has begun circulation with credit to Cameron Lofstrand, also the guitarist for Durban band Black Math, for it’s creation. With the track list for Ontology also revealed, we spotted some amazing surprise guests including none other than Mattias Ia Eklundh (who visited South Africa on a clinic tour in 2010) of Freak Kitchen (see also ‘Who the ‘Freak’ is Mattias?‘) – and also recorded some solos on a couple of Soilwork albums, we’d have you know – plus Bryan Beller of The Aristocrats – and, yes, you guessed it, Deathklok – plus the mighty Nick Johnston, this is the making of a pretty insane offering stemming from local origins.

“I just messaged all the people I look up to most as musicians, and who have been a huge part of my life through their music for years.” ~ Kris Xenopoulos

Kris tells us that how, after getting the first guests to respond positively on the songs sent to them, he and Ethan just knew that they’d have to level up and record real drums, thus recruiting Thomas Hughes into the fray, and completing the line-up with bassist Greg Van Kerkhof. The Ontology track list appears thus:

I: ‘Genji’
II: ‘Space-Time’ (Ft. Bryan Beller)
III: ‘Sudden Enlightenment’ (Ft. Mattias Ia Eklundh)
IV: ‘Trip Cat’
V: ‘Simulated Afterlife’
VI: ‘Sleep Walker’ (Ft. Nick Johnston & Tristan Fitchat)

With that in mind, we look very much forward to sharing further updates on this exciting release as the story continues to unfold.

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