Technopath: ‘Sleep Walker’ feat. Nick Johnston

Technopath 2017 Sleep Walker

Cape Town, South Africa: progressive project, Technopath, has released ‘Sleep Walker’, a single featuring Nick Johnston and Tristan Fitchat. Even without the international contribution from Nick Johnston (internationally acclaimed guitar wizard), the local line-up is impressive, also consisting of members from Vulvodynia. Technopath is the passion project of guitarist Kris Xenopoulos, who has been writing some bizarre strains of music apart from the better known band.

Sleep Walker, a journey into the obsure

‘Sleep Walker’ is the second single to appear from the anticipated full release; an EP titled Ontology. Following the original sampler with ‘Trip Cat’ in June, the mood is further established. ‘Sleep Walker’ takes the listener on an interesting journey.

“Yes, the jazzy harmonica part was meant to surprise you out of nowhere and it is rather weird. When I wrote the song I just had a crazy concept and went with it because it got me excited. My friend Tristan had his harmonica around and an idea sparked in my head. I rushed him into my home studio to record the spontaneous idea I had! I’m really happy with how it turned out. It makes me so happy every time I hear it. It’s so fun and quirky, I love it!!” ~ Kris Xenopoulus (Technopath / Vulvodynia)

Of course, Kris and the gang have also set a high bar with the caliber of guest in fellow guitarist, the Canadian Nick Johnston. Celebrated as an internationally traveled guitar clinician, Nick also features on guest solos for bands like Intervals and Periphery; not to mention his own albums (see more at Nick Johnston Music).

“Having Nick Johnston on the song is such an honor, a privilege, and dream come true! We just hope it gets the response it deserves and all our hard work pays off”. ~ Kris Xenopoulos

Final release date

Admittedly, the release of Technopath‘s Ontology EP is taking longer than expected. With producer Thomas Hughes also having a busy studio schedule, as well as playing drums for numerous bands, patience is the key.

I would like to just say it’s amazing being able to release something we’ve working on for over a year now. We are all so proud of how it turned out”. ~ Kris Xenopoulos

Owing to circumstances, Kris is hesitant to offer a final release date; however, he hopes to do so before the end of 2017. We wait with bated breath.

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