Terminatryx bass man celebrates 20 years of F8

F8 2017 The Soul and the Flesh cover art

Cape Town, South Africa: renowned alternative musician and sub-culture figure Paul Blom – whose first imprint on many a headbanging mind was as drummer for the legendary metal band Voice Of Destruction (V.O.D) and since post-2000s as co-writer with his wife Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom for their band Terminatryx – has revisited a previous musical project to celebrate 20 years since first embarking on a brief solo journey called F8 (pronounced “fate”). On 03 May, Paul published an offering from F8 titled The Soul And The Flesh featuring previously unreleased material, with some of it cleaned up and reworked; but not too far removed from the lo-fi ideology of the original project.

Whilst Paul is credited for the entire work from concept to conclusion, the one exception is the stunning charcoal artwork used for the cover, which was created by Vernon Swart (see more here).

To stamp this legacy into the history books, Paul has also released the entire F8 catalogue on his bandcamp page as well, dating back to his first solo release in 1997. The discography appears thus:

    The Soul and the Flesh (2017) EP

    A Star is Miscarried (2000) EP

    Addictions (1999) EP

    Pronounced: FATE (1998) Album

    A D8 With F8 (1997) demo/EP

Paul, being a diligent archivist, has documented the story of each release, it’s context at the time, and indeed a short tale behind each song. The project as a whole beautifully outlines the paradigm shift which occurred between being the drummer for one of the nations most legendary metal bands to the role Paul still plays today in experimental industrial band Terminatryx.

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