Terminatryx Celebrates Twelfth Year with ‘Gone’ Video Launch

Terminatryx Band Picture

During the years spanning just before and after the turn of the century, South Africa’s Gauteng Province once represented a stronghold of boundary-pushing alternative music, particularly in the realms of the dark and shadowy with a touch of electronics. Acts such as Battery 9, Silex and The Awakening dominated live circuits and even enjoyed a presence on the radio waves. Today, this spectrum of the national soundscape has made itself more at home in ‘The Mother City’ of Cape Town, with Terminatryx being a well recognized name for their longevity; now joined in recent years by Axxon and Subvers who share similar audience appeal.

With their second studio album Shadow having been released in April, Terminatryx is closing the year with the launch of a music video for their track ‘Gone’ from the recent album.

“We filmed it a while back already; around the same time as the video for the album’s title track of ‘Shadow’. We wanted to do a song that counter-weighted against the slow pace of ‘Shadow’; something faster. ‘Gone’ is the video which slots neatly between the two extremities and we had an early opportunity to film it. We’ll still be filming a third video to complete the Shadow trilogy some time in the future.” ~ Paul Blom (writer/instrumentalist, Terminatryx)

‘Gone’ was directed by Johnny Swanepoel of Gleam Studio and shot by Helmut Scherz of Wild Dogs Productions at the Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock, Cape Town. Whilst some scenes were shot in the hallways of newer parts of the building complex, band member performance shots were captured in an eerie basement below the iconic 113 year old structure.

Subvers live at Mercury
Subvers Live

The official launch of the video will take place tomorrow night at a concert hosted by co-dark rockers, Subvers, at Mercury Live in 43 De Villiers Road, Cape Town. Also to mark the special twelve-year milestone, Terminatryx have invited some special guests to feature in certain songs. Most of the guests have intersected with the band in a meaningful way at some point, including previous live members or participants in recording, but also some who the band have just always wanted to feature with. Guests performances featuring will include Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls / K.O.B.U.S!), Francois Blom (V.O.D / K.O.B.U.S!), Natalie Lucia (Conduit / Witness To Wolves), Kevin King (Axxon), Craig Vee (Guitarist-singer Performer), and ex-members Malcolm Burger (Subvers / Grämlich) and Braam Cilliers (Grämlich).

Links to more Terminatryx videos, music and artwork can be found via the bands official facebook page. Below is a video teaser for the full-length version which will be unveiled to the public first at Friday’s performance alongside Subvers at Mercury Live in Cape Town. See the Facebook event page for full details, and also visit Subvers here for music and more.