Terminatryx Find Their Way Into Major Print Publications


Cape Town’s Terminatryx are finally gearing up for the long-awaited follow-up to their 2008 self-titled debut album with Shadow. Whilst meandering down more industrial-styled avenues of metal and rock, Terminatryx is actually probably most widely know for the artistic and visual aspects which are supplement to their music. With such music videos as “Virus” featuring spectacular scenes and special effects, to the clean-cut imagery of “Obsession”, and a celebrated portfolio of band photography, Terminatryx certainly stands out in appearance. In preparation for the album release date announcement, the band are now throwing signals again with appearances in, of all places, De Kat and Playboy magazines!

De Kat is one of South Africa’s more up-market lifestyle magazines, featuring a slightly larger print format and thick pages in matte print. The magazine has been known to sometimes venture into tastefully daring areas, which provided the entry point for Terminatryx, now published in the November/December 2013 issue which also includes a feature on Madame Zingara.

“I’ve enjoyed playing the role of Art Director and arranging a few stills shoots in the past. This shoot was just the expression of a desire to do something interesting and artistic, based on my love for classic Dutch art; not just the typical band shoot, but rather utilizing the band members for a bigger project.” ~ Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom (Vocalist)

The shoot aimed to capture the style and mood of 17th century dutch paintings by the artist Vermeer, and in the group shots, actually emulating some of his celebrated works. The shoot actually took place as far back as March 2012 and has taken this long to reach fruition in print.

“We initially were aiming to have it featured in One Small Seed, but they had stopped print by the time our work was ready. In thinking where to place it then, Sonja suggested we contact De Kat, since they’re also more arts and culture orientated. It took months, but we were determined. Whilst they liked the shoot, it took this long for them to find an issue they felt suitable to place it in” ~ Paul Blom (Bassist, backing vocalist)

Terminatryx have also appeared as the center-piece of an article in the February 2014 edition of Playboy magazine, who have decided to shine a little bit of light on the local alternative music scene.

“We had a review appear in Playboy some time ago, of both our debut self-titled album and the remix version. This gravitated towards a full article featuring Terminatryx and looking at the alternative scene in South Africa, but also adding some key points and quotes from other people in the industry.” ~ Paul Blom


The photography of both appearances is credited to Dr-Benway. Paul and Sonja have a long-standing history of successful projects in working with the photographer, including cover shoots for Vixxen and Your LMG magazines, as well as various HorrorFest poster shoots and general band photography.

The full set of photographs from the Vermeer shoot can be viewed at the band’s website gallery, and the Playboy article and images are accessible to subscribers here.

Listen to “Shadow”, the title track to Terminatryx‘s upcoming album below:

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