Terminatryx: Lucky 13th anniversary show

Terminatryx Lucky 13 with Mind Assault & more

Cape Town based Terminatryx has spent thirteen years intriguing, enthralling, confusing, and taunting rockers, metalheads and goths alike with their musical style which somehow manages to elude a broadly accepted popular categorization. Thirteen years where many bands, irrespective of genre, often consider themselves fortunate to survive three!

This coming Friday (06 November), Terminatryx will appear live at Cape Town’s landmark Mercury Live venue to mark the milestone along with a diverse line-up consisting of A Murder, The Damned Crows, themselves, and another longstanding name in the local scene, Mind Assault. To enhance the celebratory nature of the concert, entrance for the public will be completely free of charge!

In querying what the motivation was behind such an unanticipated variety in line-up choice, one of Terminatryx‘s husband-wife co-founders answered us:

“All our Terminatryx band members have other groups and projects, and we’ve never had all of them on the same bill – so it was almost logical to pull everyone in for our thirteenth anniversary show. What also makes it cool is the various Alternative flavours represented. Sonja sings in A Murder, a dark folk project which she shares with Nerine Dorman and Matthijs Van Dijk; Patrick also plays in Mind Assault, one of Cape Town’s most respected death metal bands, and; Ronnie’s other group is The Damned Crows, which captures an energetic Rockabilly vibe.” ~ Paul Blom

Paul also references two other projects, both of which will unfortunately not be performing the anniversary show with the aforementioned: V.O.D, in which Paul was drummer, and The Makabre Ensemble which himself and his wife, Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom are also a part of.

V.O.D is currently inactive and our bassist Diccon lives in the UK, plus The Makabra Ensemble won’t be able to perform a full movie soundtrack at the Mercury!” ~ Paul Blom

We also queried Paul as to how Terminatryx has managed to hold it together for so long, and if there are any words of advice that others might be able to take to heart if longevity were a goal of theirs:

“Do it because you enjoy and love it, and not the financial gains. Shape your music to be a part of you, not to emulate your favourite band or to bend it into a direction you think more people would gravitate toward.” ~ Paul Blom (bass guitar / backing vocals / programming, Terminatryx)

Paul also explained that when Terminatryx was started, they did not set out to meet any specific milestones in terms of a year-count, but acknowledges that reaching a decade felt like an achievement.

“so, to cross a dozen years and reach thirteen is worth mentioning! Having different personalities involved in a band can be difficult, but we are friends first and foremost. We’re old enough not to have hang-ups about petty shit and everyone is on board with the vision of the band, so conflict is minimal. And Sonja and I don’t have the John & Yoko syndrome, which is a huge plus!” ~ Paul Blom

For full details on the show and venue, visit the official facebook event page.

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