Terminatryx: video recorded concert now online

Terminatryx 2021 MAYDAY

Cape Town, South Africa: if local scene-lore had an industrial band we could call “legendary”, then Terminatryx plays second fiddle only to Battery 9; a fact which will have some further relevance in this post.

The dream-team husband and wife duo, Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom initiated their sci-fi and paranormal-infused musical venture nearly twenty years ago! Added to the mix is drummer Ronnie Belcher and the band was good to go, recruiting a series of axe slingers over the years.

Terminatryx: ‘MAYDAY’ filmed concert

To signpost the significant accumulation of new material written and released since the departure of long-time guitarist, Patrick Davidson, Terminatryx filmed a live concert to show off the “new goods”, which includes the latest addition to the band, Bret Elkington.

The concert, titled MAYDAY, was premiered for online viewing on Saturday 01 May. You can watch it now – and forever – on Youtube.

“Instead of just cranking out a regular set list, we thought it was a good opportunity to make this a showcase of our recent material including ‘Destroy’, ‘Blame’, ‘Suiker’, ‘Go!’ and ‘Virus: 3rd Wave’. These new songs have only had limited releases of rough- and early mixes.” ~ Paul Blom (MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST/BACKING VOCALS, TERMINATRYX) 

A nice treat worked into the performance is a “virtual” appearance by Battery 9 dungeon-master, Paul Riekert joining Sonja on vocals for the Afrikaans track, ‘Suiker’.

Terminatryx: a culture of gratitude

One does not survive so many years in the entertainment industry without treating others with due dignity and respect! Terminatryx also took the opportunity to support some longtime scene friends and partners through the tough times of Covid-19 with some mutually beneficial partnerships.

We’d be doing a disservice by not listing them. Terminatryx extends thanks as follows:

“We wanted to create a visual experience with decent lighting and video screens. This included creating synched visuals for each song playing behind us on two large LCD screens from Ultra Events. Our venue of choice was Trenchtown in Observatory, Cape Town, who were very accommodating in helping us to make it happen. Indispensable sound engineer Alan Simmonds was called in to man the desk.  Lighting is often taken for granted and you notice its absence very quickly; that’s why we placed that department in the capable hands of Nishan Surjoo. To balance the amps on stage our friends at Bothners supplied Laney Ironhearts. Johnny Swanepoel and his son George handled the cameras while I acted as director and editor.  In addition to my video backdrop imagery for each song, Zainab Hoseini did a special lyric video for the new version of ‘Virus’. For finishing touches Leon Visser colour graded the final product.” ~ Paul Blom

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