Terminatryx Music Video Making Waves on International Shores

It is not uncommon for internationally screened music videos to have been shot in South Africa. Normally, the concept and music is the work of overseas producers, simply exploiting the financial advantages of shooting in SA. This time the product is 100% South African!

Cape Town Industrial/Metal/Alternative/Experimental act, Terminatryx, have impressed thousands with their locally produced video of the song “Virus” from their self-titled album. Since appearing online on February 1st, by March 30th the video has already clocked up to over 9000 views and attracted international attentions with the Sci-Fi London Film Festival requesting it’s screening, and the Seattle International Film Festival requesting the extended short film version “Marked” for consideration even before its completion. Also, “Virus” is the first South African release to be featured on the European Metal TV channel LoudTV.net, was selected to feature on EerieTube.com for 6 months, and got covered on many notable music and movie websites and blogs, including the prestigious indie portal TwitchFilm.com. In addition, “Virus” will begin screening on the local MK music channel during April.

We asked Paul Blom, Terminatryx bassist, co-writer & producer, as well as director of the video, about how they managed to accomplish some of the breathtaking visual effects of transforming the band’s vocalist, Sonja Ruppersberg, into a werewolf. He accredited a number of co-conspirators in the project such as the team from Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetic Studio; Visual Impact / Magus assisting with camera supply; director of photography Marnus Tredoux; Silver Bullet Lighting; and an underestimated essential element, smoke sculptor Kevin Bitters.
Clinton, from Cosmesis, is widely known in the local film industry for his make-up and prosthetics work in international films such as The Last House On The Left remake, Laconia and Death Race 2. Kevin has also worked on movies like District 9.

Still from "Virus"
More detailed information about the video can be found at the band’s website www.terminatryx.com , or view it here: