Terminatryx: new guitarist announced

Terminatryx New Guitarist 2017
Terminatryx: image courtesy of Ronnie Belcher

Cape Town, South Africa: in September, long-time guitarist Patrick Davidson bade farewell to Terminatryx at a final show. The band has since undertaken the unenviable task of seeking out a replacement. At first, members thought about approaching guitarists they’d known for years, but were pleasantly surprised by an array of very talented musicians applying for the position; including from as far away as Port Elizabeth.

Terminatryx announces the inclusion of Mark Allnutt

Mark James Allnutt is a 6ft 2″ force to be reckoned with. An avid musician since the age of six and trained in violin, piano and saxophone, he picked up the guitar at age 15. Since 2005, Mark has played in bands such as Scratch, All Guns Full Ammo and his solo project Pyjama Planet (the latter nominated in the 2016 SAMMA for Best Metal Album). Over and above his musical background, Mark studied Film at the University of Cape Town and has many video productions and documentaries under his belt.

Mark Allnutt 2017 Terminatryx new guitarist
Mark Allnutt: image courtesy of Ronnie Belcher

“Mark’s eclectic taste and adventurous musical enthusiasm makes him a great fit for Terminatryx”. ~ Paul Blom (multi-instrumentalist, Terminatryx)

Following what started out as a daunting process, the band is excited about Mark’s inclusion and foresee an invigorating boost in the process; seeing that after 15 years one could easily get stuck in a comfort zone. Paul, Sonja and Ronnie are delighted to welcome Mark into the family.

“Joining Terminatryx is something I never considered, as it never seemed they would part ways with any of their members; most having been there for 10 years or more. But after sending them my audition video, I got more and more exited at the idea of belonging to something that isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill metal. This, and my clothing has been getting progressively darker every year, so Terminatryx seemed like an inevitable band to end up in.” ~ Mark Allnutt (guitar, Terminatryx)

What the immediate future holds

Currently, Remyx v2.0 (remixes of the 2014 Terminatryx Shadow album) is in its launch phase, available as limited edition metal USB drive / pendant; with CD and download options coming soon. Three pre-mastered single versions are available at Bandcamp.

With music videos also in the works, after this Terminatryx will dive into writing new material and plan the first live shows to feature Mark. Paul and Sonja both express their anticipation for what that future may hold:

“Up until now the Terminatryx output has been very much limited to Sonja and my creations, making it very personal. But also in effect a little different to the majority of Metal laced music coming from Cape Town. Knowing his skills, it further reminded us of his capabilities and, while we fully intend to retain our Terminatryx identity, we’re very excited to see how Mark’s abilities will merge, fuse or positively disrupt the music that is still to come!” ~ Paul Blom

“The initiative shown by writing a piece of music, and the confidence in submitting it, is a sign of Mark’s enthusiasm to be a part of something unique that has traditionally been a very close-knit band. As a hard-to-define entity, Terminatryx remains a niche project and it is encouraging that someone of Mark’s caliber is brave enough to take it on.
I’m looking forward to what Mark is going to bring to the band musically, visually and aesthetically. I would like to add that in addition to Mark’s future input, Ronnie will also be more active in creating and composing original material, a prospect which excites me. All of these new developments are set to solidify an already well-established ‘brand'”. ~ Sonja Ruppersberg (vocals, Terminatryx)

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