Terminatryx: ‘Ontvlugting’ video release today

Terminatryx 2016 by Megan Davies

Cape Town, South Africa: industrial/experimental band Terminatryx have released a video today for international viewing following last weekend’s live preview and accompanied performance for local audiences. The song, ‘Ontvlugting’, happens to be found on a compilation created by a wide variety of South African music artists as a tribute to the late Afrikaans language poet, Ingrid Jonker. The album was released in March this year.

“We were very proud to be invited to adapt a poem of legendary – and tragic – poet Ingrid Jonker for a compilation album commemorating the 50th anniversary of her death. Ingrid’s daughter Simone and her husband Ernesto Garcia Marques selected thirty-six artists for this collection, titled Die Kind Is Nog Jonger, including many local legends and alternative stalwarts.” Paul Blom (multi-instrumentalist/backing vocals, Terminatryx)

“Jonker wrote so many amazing poems, but I picked ‘Ontvlugting’ to adapt, as I remember it from school and it reminds me of the Gordon’s Bay area where I grew up. It spoke to me.” ~ Sonja Ruppersberg (vocals, Terminatryx)

In discussing the late release of a video for ‘Ontvlugting’ – nine months after the song’s debut – the band’s key writers explain how the project came about, much as a matter of opportunity more than anything else.

“Mid-2016 we arranged a band photo shoot with Megan Davies at the amazing Theewaterskloof Dam. Paul thought it would be a good idea to utilize this cool location and squeeze in a performance video shoot for the Ingrid Jonker ‘Ontvlugting’ tribute album adaptation as well. We experienced literally four seasons in one day during shooting, and the difficulty in executing it may not seem apparent.” ~ Sonja Ruppersberg

“For any alternative band, you always have to think economically. So with the ocean theme of the song, I thought it would be a good idea to blend our performance footage with a short film our drummer Ronnie and his Black Milk partner – and regular Terminatryx photographic collaborator – Dr-Benway made a few years ago. Their Onrusbarend short also has a very strong ocean theme. They were keen on the idea so we jumped at it.” ~ Paul Blom

Whilst the actual shoot was the work of Megan Davies, taking still photos, performance shots were undertaken by Henri-Jacques Blom. Paul also shot some underwater footage of Sonja (as in the image immediately below), combining it with a mixture of band footage and selected narrative scenes from Onrusbarend. Friend of the band and previous collaborator, Leon Visser, then graded the final product for coherency.

Terminatryx 2016 Ontvlugting

As to the song itself, ‘Ontvlugting’ bares quite a unique move away from the bulk of Terminatryx material whilst still preserving some of the core signatures of the band’s sound and style. We inquired into the creative process and the specific context of this particular work:

I love the sound of the cimbalom; a percussive string instrument also known as a dulcimer. I really wanted to use it in a song, but never had the opportunity. So I asked Paul to see if he could incorporate it for this song. He did so wonderfully. ~ Sonja Ruppersberg

Sonja tackled the song first and fleshed out its vocal melody which set the scene, mood and direction for the entire song. From there I created the music, producing and recording it ourselves. As a whole, the song shows a milder side of Terminatryx, but the intensity of the song’s subject is reflected as it rides into a climactic finale. It has some unconventional elements like the guitars only kicking in about two thirds into the track.” ~ Paul Blom

Terminatryx 2016 Sonja, by Megan Davies

The Die Kind Is Jonger double CD / digital download / vinyl LP was released by Flamedrop Productions and Sound Action, with more information available at the Flamedrop website.

See the full Onrusbarend short film can be viewed at the Blackmilk Productions youtube channel. Also, Terminatryx are celebrated as one of South African alternative’s most active creators of music videos, which can all be viewed at the band’s own youtube channel.

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