Terminatryx Release A New Track


Terminatryx has crossed the 10 year mark, fighting their musical battle to create uncompromising alternative music in a country that pays little attention to the genres the band passionately incorporates into their music, from metal and industrial, to gothic and even hard rock and cinematic moods. The band is currently in the studio completing the new album Shadow, co-producing it with renowned South African producer Theo Crous.

In this free download age people sometimes forget the huge financial input involved in creating a quality album (especially for independent bands).
Terminatryx has set up an Indie Go Go crowd-funding campaign to assist with the increased cost of making Shadow a reality.

The album’s title track can be accessed at the campaign page for free, and for a further idea of what to expect from this exciting album, the pitch video features the new song “Scars”.
The various pledge options for participants span a wide spectrum and include some very cool perks, from pre-release downloads, physical CDs, studio listening sessions, and executive producer credit, to Terminatryx-linked custom items and vouchers from Wolf Clothing, WildFire tattoos & body piercing, Jackson King V guitars, private performances and much more.

Thus far the band has reached 1/4 of their target with contributions from around the globe, incl. South Africa, the UK, USA, Canada, France, even Japan and Iraq (with sizable contributions also made outside of the Indie Go Go payment options, not showing up on the campaign bar). Everyone knows in this day and age that money is tight and in many cases this is a lot to ask, but the band sees this as an investment in keeping real alternative culture alive, making supporters and participants part of the process (and it is not an empty donation, with everyone receiving something in return) – even the smallest contribution adds to the whole.
The final touches to the album will be done during the first half of September, with mastering planned to be done in Los Angeles.
Terminatryx is very optimistic that this album is a step up from previous ones and will illustrate the band’s progression while retaining their unique identity, as it will appeal to a wide range of listeners from metal and rock fans to those who prefer a more electronic edge or darker mood to their music.

In June, Terminatryx was the cover feature for Fanbase Music Magazine and appeared on Bryan O’Pines O-Zone radio show featuring some of the new material, and is the cover feature for the July issue of The Riff Magazine. August will see radio appearances on both the O-Zone and UCT’s Holy Grail Of Rock.

Stream the title track of Shadow below:

Upcoming live shows:
10 August @ ROAR (Observatory, Cape Town)
7 September @ Rabbit Hole (Durbanville, Cape Town)
11 October @ Mercury Live (Zonnebloem, Cape Town)
23 November @ Aandklas (Stellenbosch, Cape Town)

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