Terminatryx / Slashdogs to support Ministry in South Africa


The realm of rumour exploded into buzz last week with keen observers of USA’s Ministry social media channels noticing mention of a South African date on 04 March of 2015. The fact was verified by Witchdoctor Productions the following day via their official website, announcing a joint venture between themselves and the venue where the concert will take place, Carfax. The venue has also recently seen performances by Brazilian legends Sepultura and Canadian heavyweights Kataklysm.

Cape Town’s polished industrialists and Gauteng’s filthiest rockers have united to offer Ministry a potent support combo on their one-stop visit to South Africa in March. Terminatryx, established in 2002 by husband and wife duo Paul Blom (formerly of V.O.D and K.O.B.U.S!) and Sonja Ruppersburg, have recently released their second full length album Shadow to wide acclaim, along with a well-received music video for the title track. Terminatryx has previously also supported international visitors such as Diary Of Dreams, Sheep On Drugs, Martin Degville and VNV Nation. Also greasing a trail through the local circuit for more than a decade, The Slashdogs remain highly relevant with their stage antics, creative approach to an ironically predictable industry, and their 2014 full-length offering of Progress Through Plunder (which will be available on vinyl from November). The Slashdogs recently appeared as support for the Unearth & Protest The Hero concert in Gauteng, and have also previously supported internationals such as Spermbirds and Lagwagon. We were able to catch up with key figures from each band for comment:

“For me, growing up loving metal, and getting very much stuck into thrash and death of the late-’80s / early ’90s; when I discovered Ministry it opened a whole new world of extreme music for me. Especially with the electronic infusion – that was something I resisted in the past as not being ‘real’ metal – these elements expanded my scope into the possibilities of the genre.
It is always difficult citing bands as direct Terminatryx influences, but as pioneers Ministry is definitely one of the bands with detectable fingerprints on our music. To be selected as support for these industrial-metal giants on their one SA show is fucking amazing and we cannot wait!” ~ Paul Blom (backing vocal & multi-instrumentalist, Terminatryx)

“It’s a massive honour to be supporting Ministry. I’ve known their music and admired them for more than twenty years now. I’ve a massive amount of respect for the way they pushed the barriers on a multi-sensory level, not just musically, and drawn from a very wide range artistic influences, adding it to their stew. They’ve made something totally unique and evolutionary. They are incredibly inspiring to me as artist.” ~ Ryan Tarboton (vocals, The Slashdogs)

Ministry live in South Africa will be a once-off show, on a mid-week night (Wednesday, which in South Africa is often referred to as “Klein Saturdag”), owing to a busy touring schedule. Witchdoctor Productions and Carfax have promised to make the show a night to remember by spilling out of the venue and into the street with a permit for an outdoor stage. Limited tickets are currently available (as of 02 October 2014) via the Witchdoctor Productions website at R480, and a facebook event page has been set up for regular updates.

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